The 2AM Text

When it’s after 2 AM just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2 AM are the wrong decisions.”

This statement is more profound than it seems. When Ted Mosby said this in How I met your mother, I didn’t understand it completely but after analyzing all the messages I have received at those hours I am finally beginning to understand the emotions that can surround a person at 2 AM and the stupidity that makes you message someone. Why the hell in a 24 hours day you have to message someone or reply to their texts at 2 AM!!

It could be anything like:



“What’s up?”


“Sorry I am busy.”

“Sorry don’t wait for me you will find someone better” (Of course I will)

What the hell!!

You can talk to me in the morning, I wake up at 6.

You can talk to me in the afternoon when I need a break.

You can talk to me in the evening when I am closing my day.

You can talk to me at 11 when I am saying goodnight.

But no you need to talk to me at 2 AM when I am sleeping like a log.

If you are talking to me at 2 AM I know that’s because you just can’t sleep. Something is keeping you up and you are like let’s drop her(or him) a text. And let’s not romanticize it by saying that I was thinking about you at that time, isn’t it great. No, it’s not. That romanticism is for 3 AM, made so by the insomniacs and brokenhearted.

It’s amazing talking to someone the whole day extending till 2 AM when you both are crazily in love. Messaging someone only at 2 AM is madness.

That’s my opinion, you’re entitled to have your own. I get irritated by it but who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to find love at that time. 😛

A Hopeless Affair With Love

Sometimes you feel like you are stuck in this endless loop of constantly falling for someone and ending up with nothing and totally frustrated similar to Nadia in Russian Doll, who is stuck in this loop of dying and coming back to the same night when she died with ‘Gotta get up‘ playing in the background.

Being an old school romantic and a believer of ‘one true love’, it has been hard blow to realize that love is not that simple and to find ‘the one’ could be a pain in the ass. And even if you manage to find ‘the one’, you can never be really sure if they are going to stay. And if being a hopeless romantic was not enough, I am also an over the top optimistic who will not only see the glass half full but would also wait for someone to come and fill it with more water and some vodka. I have really done some of the most stupid things to find love but now I have realized that this is not how it works. Funny thing is it’s not that I have always being the victim, I have ghosted many guys too but I always had ‘well justified’ reasons to do so.

Being a hopeless believer in love, the only consolation is to see other people happy in love and accept the fact that maybe the one for you doesn’t exist or exist but sleeping somewhere. My manager says that poor guy is very lucky and he’s safe from the madness around you but how long, how long he’s gonna be safe. Just kidding.

As they say, things happen for a reason and taking a clue from Nadia I think I will keep getting heart-broken till I find the one thing that I need to change, the one thing I need to learn and the one thing I need to do that will end this loop.

PS. Dedicated to the one who kind of inspired me to do it 😛