Someday Someway

One day it will not be about just loving and losing, One day it will be about loving and staying forever.

The hopeless romantic and forever optimist in me wrote it few years back. And I know people who are still stuck at the first half of it and some who have achieved the beautiful end that it hopes of. This post is for the people who are stuck at the first half loving and losing. The perfectly amazing and cool people I know, left heartbroken by someone who didn’t know how to love them properly after making them fall in love in the first place.

And no we are not talking about the unrequited love, we are talking about the mutual affection they both felt before one person decides to end it all with no specific reason whatsoever.

Some connections are so intense that one person leaves, the other is totally shattered and gets into immense stress leading to depression, alcoholism and health issues. It requires immense support, strong will-power and desire to live life to it’s fullest to become happy again. Love will eventually come again sooner or later, in one form or other as long as there is hope and you are awesome.

I was talking to a friend some time back, I asked him how do you get over something like that. He said after a time you will realize that you are destroying your life and you need to fight to get over it. He is starting a new life, moving to another city with his eyes set on beautiful future. That’s motivating enough. There is another friend too mature for her age, left heartbroken not once but twice, seeing her daily with new hope getting along with life is another form of motivation. Then there is one friend, one of my soulmates and best friends, who went through some real hell till she found the love of her life and now happily married to him. And these are the people who keeps me motivated and helps me in finding fresh perspective. These are the people that keeps hope alive.

May the force be with them and they find a love that will stay. I will be happy then, more happy than I will be when find it myself. 😛 🙂

The 2AM Text

When it’s after 2 AM just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2 AM are the wrong decisions.”

This statement is more profound than it seems. When Ted Mosby said this in How I met your mother, I didn’t understand it completely but after analyzing all the messages I have received at those hours I am finally beginning to understand the emotions that can surround a person at 2 AM and the stupidity that makes you message someone. Why the hell in a 24 hours day you have to message someone or reply to their texts at 2 AM!!

It could be anything like:



“What’s up?”


“Sorry I am busy.”

“Sorry don’t wait for me you will find someone better” (Of course I will)

What the hell!!

You can talk to me in the morning, I wake up at 6.

You can talk to me in the afternoon when I need a break.

You can talk to me in the evening when I am closing my day.

You can talk to me at 11 when I am saying goodnight.

But no you need to talk to me at 2 AM when I am sleeping like a log.

If you are talking to me at 2 AM I know that’s because you just can’t sleep. Something is keeping you up and you are like let’s drop her(or him) a text. And let’s not romanticize it by saying that I was thinking about you at that time, isn’t it great. No, it’s not. That romanticism is for 3 AM, made so by the insomniacs and brokenhearted.

It’s amazing talking to someone the whole day extending till 2 AM when you both are crazily in love. Messaging someone only at 2 AM is madness.

That’s my opinion, you’re entitled to have your own. I get irritated by it but who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to find love at that time. 😛