Delhi – Love and Prejudices

“Mumbai is safer than Delhi NCR”

“Pune has better weather than Delhi NCR”

“Bangalore has nicer people than Delhi NCR”

Why everyone seem to have an opinion against this city and why is it the point of comparison if it is so bad!

Maybe I love it more as it is my home and work place both. But this place grows onto you and the more time I have spent here, the less I want to stay in any other place in India.

Surprisingly I have visited Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore but I never complained about anything there. However once a person comes to Delhi even for a day, they create all types of prejudices and carry them forever.It’s alright if you like any other city more but that gives you no reason to do Delhi NCR bashing.

This is beautiful place with it’s own uniqueness like any other city in India with people who love this place as much as they love themselves and that’s not ego, that’s pride.

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