The 2AM Text

When it’s after 2 AM just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2 AM are the wrong decisions.”

This statement is more profound than it seems. When Ted Mosby said this in How I met your mother, I didn’t understand it completely but after analyzing all the messages I have received at those hours I am finally beginning to understand the emotions that can surround a person at 2 AM and the stupidity that makes you message someone. Why the hell in a 24 hours day you have to message someone or reply to their texts at 2 AM!!

It could be anything like:



“What’s up?”


“Sorry I am busy.”

“Sorry don’t wait for me you will find someone better” (Of course I will)

What the hell!!

You can talk to me in the morning, I wake up at 6.

You can talk to me in the afternoon when I need a break.

You can talk to me in the evening when I am closing my day.

You can talk to me at 11 when I am saying goodnight.

But no you need to talk to me at 2 AM when I am sleeping like a log.

If you are talking to me at 2 AM I know that’s because you just can’t sleep. Something is keeping you up and you are like let’s drop her(or him) a text. And let’s not romanticize it by saying that I was thinking about you at that time, isn’t it great. No, it’s not. That romanticism is for 3 AM, made so by the insomniacs and brokenhearted.

It’s amazing talking to someone the whole day extending till 2 AM when you both are crazily in love. Messaging someone only at 2 AM is madness.

That’s my opinion, you’re entitled to have your own. I get irritated by it but who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to find love at that time. 😛

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